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    aro with centrals

    Yeah the PG's are about 5 yrs + now. There's also the 2 panda SR's I got from you, I think they're about 3 yrs old.
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    aro with centrals

    Tank is 8L-4W-3H and I did a styrofoam 3D rock background.
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    aro with centrals

    Added a few centrals with my aro com. been together for about 6 months now.
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    Old dogs new tricks....lesson learned

    Forget about my comment about being "weird". My set up is different from yours so our tank conditions are not teh same. My tank has 3D rock back ground and floor is full of rocks. That alone is probably enough surface area for bacteria to thrive and support my bio load. Probably even without...
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    Old dogs new tricks....lesson learned

    That's weird. I shut off my fish tank about 8 hrs. every night (sometimes a lot more than that, longest was more than a day) and my biomedia is half out of water and the other half is in stagnant water and I never have any issues.
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    The best DIY plans ever for something over 1000 gallons?

    I would suggest plywood -fiberglass. It has been proven to be very effective in fishtank builds. It is very popular in DIY's fo a reason other than its cost. You can build a 4X 8 for just $1K. I read an MFK tank build using stainless steel cost something like $30K. Plywood can be just as...
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    Thiamninase in shrimp?

    ....We always come up with something that contradicts the norm don't we??... I just read the book "The china Study"........Who would ever think that milk can promote cancer.....:eek: Weird but I guess clinical and statistic stucy shows. What do you think they'l come up with next??? :confused:
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    Water change

    vacuum my tank every night, take out less than 1% of water volume and replace with straight tap water. do about 10% water change every 2 to 3 months. And I shut off my filter pump every night for about 8 hrs. Also nothing added on those 10% water chnges. I use to put prime but not anymore I...
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    african cichlids with arowana

    Got myself about 25 mix african ciclids .... peacocks, electric yellows and others, 1.5" - 3.5". Will grow them a little bit more in my 55g then I'll try them in my arowana comm tank and see how they go.
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    sr with me RTG's

    Added my 2 SR's again to my RTG tank. Been there for a week now ..........Hope it last a little longer
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    african cichlids with arowana

    I think red dragon peacock or strawberry peacock or something and maybe kenyi. Just saw some local sale for $2 each about 1.5" -2". Just though of getting 10 grow them a bit and dump them in my aro tank. So you figure they're fast enough to survive? Maybe if the aros realises that they're...
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    african cichlids with arowana

    5" may still be dinner for my RTG's :D. Their only chance is if they're fast enough to out swim and out turn aros. It would really be neat to have these colorful fishes in my aro tank.... thing is will they last? :confused: No experience with cichlids yet.
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    african cichlids with arowana

    Has anybody tried this before? The main concern will be if they will be fast enough to avoid being eaten. They have different water para. requirement but I don't think that's a major isssue. Africans should adjust or for my case my aros have already adjusted to alkaline tap water. What do...
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    Flowerhorn quality and pricing varies and so much you can get 2" ones for as low as $3.00 and others sell 2" ones for $300 or more. I just bought 3" Red texas and 2.5" flower horn from thailand (aquabid) for $70 shipping included. I am from Regina SK so I'll have to tranship for another $80...
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    No I won't pay extra for a YTL. I don't think the retailers pay anything extra when they got it from the farm, but they'll probably try to get a little more when they sell it, telling you it's special. Maybe they are, but not for me. Got 2 YTL on my 6 RTG comm. NOthing special, you don't...
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    Panda spring order 2009

    Very beautiful BBXB!! He will be more stunning when he shows his blue base with a darker abckground.
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    5 inch super red for sale (Montreal)

    $700 for an SR!!! :eek: Not even in my wildest dream!! :eek: Is this really happening??? I just wish I am just starting with my comm!! :mad:
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    Possibility of a 2 or 3 Arowana Community?

    No harm trying as long as you monitor them closely. It will depends more on your asian aros. Are your 2 asian aros together?
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    interesting topic

    AF frequenters probably already saw this, just thought its an interesting and informative thread to share.