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    Gold crossback, high quality for sale

    sold, thank you, please close
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    Acrylic aquarium for sale, Woodstock ontario

    This custom acrylic aquarium has a built in sump to the side and is interchangeable to suit your bioload. The swim space is 7 feet long, by 32" wide. It is only 16" tall so perfect for arowanas and or rays or even saltwater reef. Comes with strong wooden stand, all equipment as in heater...
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    Gold crossback, high quality for sale

    Still available, give me a reasonable offer. Text at 705 984-4568
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    P13 stingray for sale (male)

    Male Leopoldi ray About 10" diameter Eating worms and small pellet $1000 Woodstock, Ontario No shipping, sorry Please text for faster response 705 984-4568
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    Dreamfish BBXB 70%GH, WTT

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    Gold crossback, high quality for sale

    Still available, 100% pellet trained. Lots of gold and ready to go! Let's work something out and get this dragon into your collection. I have videos and answers to any questions to new or experienced dragonfish owners.
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    Gold crossback, high quality for sale

    Need to make some room. Asking $1888 Malaysian crossback gold (gold based) Papers, chipped from dreamfish inc. Make an offer, pick up or meet around Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, London area. No trades at this time please, thanks for looking.
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    Inscribed aro?

    Wow that's cool
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    Harvest result of MerLion Viper !

    Superb, very special looking!
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    Wtb chili /blood red arowana

    Looking for a high grade chili or blood red arowana with papers on hand. 12"+ preferred. Kitchener Waterloo area. Want to pick up in southern Ontario. Not airport.
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    FRT for sale

    Darn, I'm in Ontario
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    FRT for sale

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    Best LED light for a BBXB?

    I'm using a submersible led light on my xback and it's doing very well holding shine, I picked it up in Mississauga on dundas St.
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    High quality red buys anyone?

    No agent in Canada for this farm, I'd be interested in a group buy if it's on anybodys mind for this year or next spring. Looking at n1wan farm.
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    3 large red tail tinfoil barbs for sale, or trade

    Im selling my barbs, they are a good 5" each and healthy! They eat any pellet and are active.I'm asking $40 for the trio or another fish that is a good arowana partner, eg. Flagtail, dat, loach, etc. I can deliver to certain areas.
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    Chili red for sale, New tecumseth

    SOLD, Please close