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    FS: 400 Gallon Acrylic Edmonton

    Edmonton.... That's an awesome tank size. Good luck with the sale.
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    Red mamon + cert

    Pm replied, the fish is sold. Sorry I forgot to close the thread. Thanks tman.
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    Massive Arapaima in a 1800gallon

    Holy....amazing setup. It's nice to see a larger arapaima. What's the filtration like? And how's the humidity?
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    Inside a Red Pond

    Really cool! All the best with breeding. Do a feeding vid, that would look pretty nice I imagine.
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    Inside a Red Pond

    Looks awesome! Really cool to see reds in a pond. What's the size of the pond?
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    2FT FIRE EEL!!

    Since you have him separated, try to soak some pellet food in with bloodworms should increase the response towards other items. Not sure with fire eels but it helped with my wild Mastacembelus ellipsifer eel.
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    2FT FIRE EEL!!

    That's a beast of a fire eel. Looks awesome!
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    CT update

    Beautiful CT! That's a beast
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    Weldon glue

    Hugh, try on Sheppard Ave in Toronto. I got it shipped before so that might help.
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    315 Gallon Setup

    That's a steal of a price!
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    Black diamond stingrays

    Really nice pair of rays! Love the spotting.
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    366 gallon tank build by : Titan aquatics

    I would love to have a tank with that depth!
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    Oh man that looks pretty bad. Glad it's getting better chen.
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    HBRTG from Oriental and MTL Arowana House

    Thanks joey! Btw I envy your tank. Wish I had room for a tank like that.
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    HBRTG from Oriental and MTL Arowana House

    Thanks kyuss! It was fairly quick, blood worms for the first couple feeds and it started to take bits of massivore.
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    The 220 RTG and friends

    Some random pics when I had the camera out for the other aro.
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    HBRTG from Oriental and MTL Arowana House

    New pics of the HBRTG. Got a couple of meals in but still a bit shy so the lighting on the pics are dim.
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    The 220 RTG and friends

    That's so true, I already restrict the amounts of massivore per feeding but I'm aiming to use 1 large bag of massivore for a month. Usually last less than a month but I supplement feedings with prawns and super worms.
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    HBRTG from Oriental and MTL Arowana House

    PLJ is protruding lower jaw its when the aros lower jaw sticks out longer than the top. some varieties like reds tend to have it just like silvers are prone to drop eye but personally its not a big problem to me. I plan to feed it a fair bit more to gain some size then it shouldn't be as...
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    HBRTG from Oriental and MTL Arowana House

    The aro is eating massivore and carnivore sticks so i will do those as well as market prawns. I won't add too many other items if it's eating those, I will just feed constantly.