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    LF: Australian Lungfish

    Testing my luck, but I am in search of an Australian Lungfish. I’m located in Vancouver BC Canada.
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    FS: Fly River Turtle

    Looking to sell my Fly River Turtle (Pig Nosed Turtle) 10-11 years old 19-20 Inches (head to tail) Super healthy, favourite food is algae wafers. Local pick up only, I'm NOT willing to ship out of vancouver (located downtown Vancouver). $3,000
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    Summer 2020 orders

    Any updates on the eta for shipment to land?
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    For Sale: Aro, tank mates, and tank setup

    Gold Base Cross Back Arowana 7.5" - Fully Pellet Trained - No drop eye, gill curl, or any diseases - $800 Phoenix Flagtail - 5 Inches - has a slight bent body - $50 4 X Red tail silver dollars - ranges from 3-5 Inches - $50 for the group of 4 120Gal Setup with Black Stand -...
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    FS: Gold Base Cross Back $750

    Hey guys I have for sale a 5inch Cross back Arowana. The Arowana is from OTF Aquarium Farm and comes with certificate. PM with number and I will text you the pictures. Thanks!
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    LF: Fly River Turtle

    Never mind not looking anymore please close this thread!
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    LF: Fly River Turtle

    Still looking
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    LF: Fly River Turtle

    Lookin to buy a FRT, if you have one and located in Vancouver please PM.
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    Discus Stock Clearance-Arowana

    Sucks they all sold out.. Where were you located btw?
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    2015/16 Winter arowana order

    end of January still Theo?
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    Dreamfish BBXB 70%GH, WTT

    Wow beautiful aro! What kind of geo are those?
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    High back golden arowana for sale !!!

    Where r u located?
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    Arowana For Sale

    where are you located?
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    Here's my built in African tank.

    beautiful setup!
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    LF: Fish Tank ( Vancouver BC )

    bump still looking for 120gal 4X2X2!
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    Looking for Snakeheads

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    Looking for Snakeheads

    Hey guys I'm looking to getting any of these snakeheads. Channa bleheri Channa gachua Channa asiatica Channa stewartii Channa barca Platinum Argus Channa orientalis Channa pleurophthalma Channa sp. true blue Channa sp 'galaxy blue' Channa Harcourtbutleri Channa sp. five stripe...