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    180 Gallon Tank & supplies for sale

    bump, asking 1000 OBO
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    180 Gallon Tank & supplies for sale

    180 gallon fish tank for sale, very good condition, bought in 2013 brand new, include glass tank by Aqueon, stand, substrate, 4 decorations, 2 LED light, 7.6m python hose, 2 fluval fx5 filter, 2 heaters and other supplies you need. This tank was for an arowana, now have two junior bala sharks so...
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    New member from canada

    Welcome Stingray Keeper!
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    Merlion ultimate Bbxb

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    Post your best pleco photo here!

    ya which picture...?
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    Got a question

    ya if you feed them super worms likely they will not want to touch pellet! that's what I heard if you feed live food. starve it a few days and see if it takes pellet. the key is being persistent.
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    Spring order - 2014

    Wow looks like price drop! Such a great deal!
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    Hope you get better soon!
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    arowana open and closing mouth

    Mine does that sometimes, I think it's normal. I remember there was once when my aro was opening and closing his mouth in an unusual way... like opening and closing too frequently than other times, so I did a water change and he's back to normal again. I only see that happen once though.
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    nice looking ray!
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    The 220 RTG and friends

    that setup looks awesome!!
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    New to big fish

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    Interesting read and chart

    very good read indeed.
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    Big als tank sale

    that's a great deal!
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    Pics of some pups we produced this past year

    Awesome pups!! Want to buy!
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    An Update on Ruby Reds

    I am interested to see mature bbxb as well. Btw the mature rose gold looks great!
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    my super red arowana

    Really nice pictures!
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    FS: Widebar Datnoid, D. Pulcher 18 inch & Taiwanese Masheers!!!

    Masheers need to buy as group? Do they prefer to live as a group?
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    Caught my Rays Mating

    haha nice video perfect timing!
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    FEB 2014 UPDATE

    amazing tank! Love the community there!