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    FS - 180g tenecor black back plexi tank + stand + tons of accessories

    GVRD Area (New Westminster) tank is 6' x 2' x 2' Also willing to consider trades. I am looking for a Honda CRV or a Toyota 4-runner. Can add cash and/or a 2001 civic on top of fish stuff for a vehicle trade.. Send me offers!
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    FS - 180g tenecor black back plexi tank + stand + tons of accessories

    $1200 bux This stuff is all used, and could use a good cleaning.. However it all works. 180g black back tenecor show tank (plexi) cast iron welded custom made stand 48" T5 light strip Fluval FX5 filter 2x eheim filters ( I don't know the model.. the big expensive ones.. pro II...
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    FS - Pair of Endi's

    Still for sale.
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    FS - Pair of Endi's

    anyone? make an offer!
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    FS - Pair of Endi's

    Still for sale. great deal for perfect adult endi's!
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    FS - Pair of Endi's

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    FS - Pair of Endi's

    Bump.. Looking for a local buyer in greater vancouver area.. Open to offers.. Don't want fish or fishkeeping items but open to other misc stuff.. make me an offer! need to get rid of these guys so I can dismantle and clean my tank for storage or sale.
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    FS - Pair of Endi's

    For sale 2x P. Endlicheri Endlicheri They are 12-15" in size, hard to say exactly, may even be a bit bigger.. Solid thick stripes, no defects whatsoever. Color is stable. one is extra fat, the other is "normal" bicher size.. Location : New Westminster, BC 100 dollars each, or...
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    33 Years Old RTG Arowana

    Yup, I have heard of 60 yr old aro's as well
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    FS: Female Motoro

    price? oh only 50 dollars.. wow great deal
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    Maju SR Update

    very nice! looks well fed ^_^
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    How to move a big arrowana

    aro was just stress in new home..
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    Is this fei feng the larger species?

    I have always believed it's the other way around.. Insignis - more spots, 10-12" max.. Taeniurus - spots fade and can grow to 24" its my understanding that the true "charming phoenix" is taeniurus Also there are definately more then 2 species of phoenix.. Theraputa and others all...
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    Indo tiger datnoid plus other fish comming soon

    Looking forward to seeing your tigers for sale!
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    really nice setup.. wow
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    FS: 20" Dynamic Super Red

    Very nice red.. good luck with sale!
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    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and happy new years to all!!
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    FS: Tenecor 150 acrylic tank

    wow great deal!
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    Endli bichir breeding

    so awesome!