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    Asian arowana scam scam scam
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    New Order - June 2011 arrival

    Theo, here is a photo from the iphone. Pretty sure they will look much better after an 8 foot tank is setup... :)
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    Extreme Arowana - Singapore

    Lots of aros... beautiful GH / XB
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    Super Reds

    This is an awesome thread, both fish turn out nice... I like them both. :)
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    Thailand 2011

    Very nice... Thanks for sharing!
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    Purple Red Aquarium - Singapore

    Thanks for sharing... nice shop, lots of aros!
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    Blood reds - any out there?

    This is only a name given by the breeders, some claims that blood red should have rounder head and a big fan tail with broader body and Chilli red should have spoonhead with diamond shaped tail. Some claims that chilli red has a thin frame color and blood red has a thick frame color. Originally...
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    The fish are coming!

    Try baby meal worm or baby cricket :)
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    The fish are coming!

    FYI- I noticed the date on the BBXB certificate is May 25-2010, does this mean Maju printed out the certificate on the same date of the shipment landing in Canada? :)
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    The fish are coming!

    Cirrus, we all know that you're trying to help... to make everyone happy :) 'Cause of your post ~'s_2010.htm , the reason that most buyers placed orders it's because they thought that they'll get the same fish out of this 31 :) Anyway, normal standard...
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    The fish are coming!

    New shipment of BBXB Received last night. As you all could see in the pictures, the size of this batch is only around 4"-4.5" maximum and the quality is ??? 2 to 3 months ago, all buyers thought that they paid for the quality fish from the link below, and at least 7"-9" when it gets to...
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    photos of newly arrived CV Maju February 2010 order

    Beautiful... Happy Chinese New Year... and Vancouver Winter Olympics :)
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    CV Maju - Spring order

    Received 36 pcs in Edmonton :) What do you mean by "Phew!" ? Is that mean next time I should cut down the order? ;)
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    FS: 3 Motoro Pups

    Good deal. Could you post a few pics? :)
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    A visit to summer 2009

    Unbelievable tank :eek:
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    full tank shot

    There is chinatown in Edmonton, but hardly visit :)
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    full tank shot

    Did you guy know where to buy that status from? Interested :)
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    Indo Dragon 7 Sneak Preview !

    Another HOT collections!
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    What would your dream aro community tank look like?

    My dream tank would be 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet high with 9 BBXB and a piece of large driftwood with anubia