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    10% Off Select Vertex Products

    10% Off Select Vertex Products Vertex IN Protein Skimmers Puratek 100GPD RO/DI System
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    Bulk Additives Available Now

    Full line of high quality bulk additives available now. Using our additives you will be able to maintain Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium levels and save money at the same time Dosing kits starting as low as $54.99
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    Boxing Week Sale

    Boxing Week Sale @ Royal Aquariums December 26th to January 2nd Red Sea Test Kits - 20% off Water Blaster Pumps -10% off Nuvo Aquariums- 20%off Two Little Fishies Reactors and media -10% off Eshopps Frag Racks - 10% off Fragging Tools - 10% off Visit the sale section of our store...
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    Some New Products In Stock

    Some new products we have in stock :) Eshopps Super Spy Coral View Red Sea Hydrometer w/ Digital Thermometer Vertex Triplex Magnetic...
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    New Sponsor Royal Aquariums

    Hey everyone, my name is Dan, I am the owner of a fairly new online aquarium supply store called Royal Aquariums. We are located in Milverton Ontario, and offer shipping across Canada or local pick up to save you the shipping costs. Over the years I have had experiences with multiple...