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    Arowana Tank for sale

    TANK REDUCED TO $3000 Yea. :D You are right Chen. I forgot. 1 BBXB - $480 and 3 CT's - $2K.
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    2013 Abu Dhabi GP

    How comes you have so much time to spare for all your HOBBIES and I have none? Lol
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    Arowana Tank for sale

    Hi everyone, I have a newly import arowana tank for sales. This Tank is still in the wooden crate. Just opened for inspection. The system is fully completed with light fixtures, the tank, the cabinet and the sump inside too. Need a water pump, heater and air pump then it is ready to go. It is a...
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    My 24 gallon nano reef

    Do it Chen...Do it..
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    New Addiction... LOL. The Dark Side.

    Mike, good set up. These are all LPS. I started my salt tank just like yours. Later on, I got into the SPS that I think it is the most rewarding in salt water tank. Will wait to see you get in there. LOL
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    Mangrove Jack

    I am afraid he would bite a chunk out of my CTs in case he wants a snack!!
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    Mangrove Jack

    I can see only 1 fish in the tank. Did he empty all other fish in that tank? Lol
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    Spring/Summer 2013 Dreamfish Order

    Hi Theo, Mine is the Premium BBXB in Toronto. Lol. He is doing really well and very aggressive. I will try to post some pics later.
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    Spring/Summer 2013 Dreamfish Order

    Hi Theo, Glad to see this summer order coming. Wondering if Dreamfish has a Ultimate Royal Gold with full GH to offer this time? @ what size? Thx
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    Coming Soon!!!

    Damn! I thought they were all sold/spoke for when I first saw the post!
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    New member from Singapore

    Welcome to the forum.
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    My Merlion Harmony Ultimate XB

    Theo, it looks absolutely beautiful. Don't forget my 8"-10" aro from next Dreamfish order. I still want to have a 24K FGH Ultimate Royal in my tank. Lol
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    No longer for sale

    Oh my, oh my, Mike. I wish I am in Vancouver.
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    welcome to the forum. :D
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    Setting up a new tank

    @Chen: Others can't wait to see fish in your new tank. I think you can't wait for the first official water change!! Lol
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    Setting up a new tank

    @Chen, right beside girls bathroom. Hmmmm.....It is very interesting location for a tank. Chen=Conspiracy?? Good to have excuse to girl's bathroom for water eh? Lol
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    Happy Holidays!!!

    Happy holiday Mike. Looking forward to see your great imports in 2013. Cheers
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    Aro Pairing?

    @ Chen: "female at times being pushed to the bottom by the male", are you sure? Not the other way around? Lol
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    Aro Pairing?

    Make U want to dance too, right?
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    The MerLion Ultimate Blue Base Royal

    Thanks Nic, My new goal is Ultimate Royal in 8-10 or 10-12 inches with 100% GH. I wish there is a chance that you can offer in this size as I have seen them in China, would you?