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  1. J

    Getting out of rays for a while 3 p14s for sale

    What are you asking for the little Leo?
  2. J

    New BD/Leo

    yep still have the tank at the gym but keeping the BD/leos at home for better care. We might be moving locations for the gym and might build a 1000+ tank...
  3. J

    New BD/Leo

    She is doing great. She is in the tank with these rays I just didnt get a good picture of her. Thats her in the 4th pic. :)
  4. J

    New BD/Leo

    The brown one is a peal x castexi. I live right by the Beach House in crystal shores.Only like a block from the beach
  5. J

    New BD/Leo

    Got some new rays from Cheon. 2 ladies and a dude. All BD/Leo. Awesome!! They ate as soon as I got them home and are loving their new digs!
  6. J

    mark huveneers import part 2

    Super stoked to get my new kids home! Dec 10th cant come fast enough!!
  7. J

    new year new project

    WOW! That tank is on a level all by itself!!
  8. J

    1200 Gallon Concrete Stingray Pond

    WOW! Thats awesome!!