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    wow... amazing
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    Another tank size question

    I had a highback in a 60x30x24 and he was fine... but the question is more about you to be honest. I could tell that, coming from a normal 180, that extra length was missed as he was doing a lot more circles than before. The extra width in my opinion is not as good as the length. So could it...
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    FS 280 gallon

    Great price and nice tank, i know the feeling of having someone who wants the big empty tank gone :(
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    New and confused

    The naming of reds are farm specific, so a chili red, diablo red, or whatever the farm name is would be reflecting their breeding lines. If you are looking at a red you should read up on the farm and see the past lineage of the reds they have broken down by their naming groups as many times...
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    Tor putitora(Golden mahseer)

    Awesome fish and setup, the metallic goes so nicely with your rays!
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    New to this forum, introduction

    love the masheers, how big do they grow? dat is amazing too.
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    Shaaring one of my Reds

    really nice tones, what size tank is that in?
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    Building a glass tank

    Yeah it is the silicon between the panes that hold it all together and then the corner seems protect those binding pieces. Or you can get some of those bullnose style, or osaka, tanks that are curved pieces but if you are looking for a diy and best price i would think that curved glass is out...
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    whats a good tank size for an asian aro?

    Keep looking around, sometimes I see odd sized tanks on craigslist and bcaquaria that would be great.
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    Building a glass tank

    Being a part of moving a 450 gallon has made me never want one that big made out of glass, however owning acrylic has shown me how soft it really is. I guess it comes down to the following: Budget, as it would go plywood, glass, then acrylic for cost. and if you are planning on moving. If you...
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    23" bbxb

    It is my old one, and CrazyFish's old one , I think there are some pictures around here.
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    Help I.D-ing a fish please...

    Deff not a cross back. Always have to remember that when fish are born the certs are provided based on lineage and potential. This is why you can get deals on smaller fish that might surpass expectations. When they get older there is no more room for leeway really, so the cert could say it...
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    LF arcadia tanning light

    Check out ebay, I have seen them there.
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    XB tank update

    solid tank, solid stock
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    Tor putitora(Golden mahseer)

    Cool looking fish, what size do they max out at?
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    Massive Arapaima in a 1800gallon

    That is brutal :( I'm very impressed he kept going after that. If I came home and I had a tank that lost so many nice guys I know I would take a step away for a bit.
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    Massive Arapaima in a 1800gallon

    How big does the pima get? when in the phillipines I saw a tank, must have been 5000 gallons, built in like this with 3 of them that must have been over 6 feet easy. Standing besides fish this big just blows my mind as they are such gentle giants, but really beautiful fish. Amazing tank...
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    Not a very big fine or penalty for getting caught with an endangered species... Also interesting to note they reference this: Prosecutors said the Asian arowana fish is found in the rivers of Southeast Asia and was listed among the most restrictive species in the Convention on International...
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    New 140ish tank

    So today was the day, I updated my tank and added another fish... I guess re added is the correct term. I bought back my arowana from a pet store. Turned out the guy who bought it traded it in a while ago and just tried to make money off of the sale. Sorry for the ugly mess and pictures, lights...
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    Major cyber attack!

    Some people do it for fun, some for payback, some for money on behalf of others. Bad thing about ddos attacks is the answer usually never comes out... just idiots ruining the internet.