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    The Great $2500 Giveaway!

    perfect thanks!
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    The Great $2500 Giveaway!

    LOL I read al the rules, except the top of the rules post, FML. Anywho... Q: If the guess is for the 14th of Feb and 31 Jan, Can I wait until the Feb 13th or Jan 30th before guessing? (early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese) -B
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    Filter Media - Ceramic Biological Media / Bio Film Media - Available!!!

    Small fyi: the kaldness is usually used in moving bed filters, like a sump. This will scrub off weaker bacteria, forcing strong and healthy bacteria to remain. It's shape gives it a large surface area for bacteria to grow, too! In a filter compartment, it was house a lot of bacteria because...
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    FS: Hikari Fish Food - Available!!!

    I need aro sticks and a sinking cichlid food. Small enough for tangyanika(sp?) Cichlids such as 2" calvis. Shipped to N0G 2T0 if possible :D
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    Tank mate Question

    Thanks guys! The plecos have been there before they arow haha. Poor guys, just started :(
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    BBXB from Oriental AQUATICS

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    Bio Home ULTIMATE

    Hey Guys! I've heard some buzz on YouTube about your new line, Bio Home Ultimate. Is there anyway you could post some more info on it and possible pricing? I know I was [am] interested in some at a later date. Shipping to Ontario:D? Brian
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    Suggestions for improving this site?

    I have found this with the car forums, too. If you could bring in another website, like Urua Joey's DIY, you could both 'double' your traffic. Possibly be more attractive to join here because it's an expanding website. I, like most (assuming), came here because of the marketplace. I'm a...
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    Tank mate Question

    Hello AC! I have an Emerald Arowana (Red F1 and Green F1 mix), soon to be going into his new 150 gallon tank. He has started beating up my biggest pleco in the tank he's in now [110ga]. This make me a little weary because I planned on adding sting rays to my 150ga. If my Arowana is...