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    Stones Aquarium

    wow so many cool fish. japanese perch and a large size mbu puffer
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    indodragon books for sale

    please close
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    indodragon books for sale

    New price is you buy all. for $75.00 Shipping is extra
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    indodragon books for sale

    on buy for $100.00
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    indodragon books for sale

    Hello I have the following indodragon bookfor sale. The price is $30.00 per book. Shipping is $11.00 per book or 11.00$ for a group shipping. Thou Canada Post. Payment thou EMT or Paypal Indodragon 1 Indodragon 2 Indodragon 3 Indodragon 4 Indodragon 8 Thank you Email me at...
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    New June 16, 2012 Video w/ ST

    Hey Chen Tank looks great.
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    Asia Trip 2012 - Taiwan & Hong Kong

    Oliver had them in last year, and two stores where I live in Toronto had them in a couple times. Price was $500 ea
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    Asia Trip 2012 - Taiwan & Hong Kong

    The lizard is called the caiman lizard. You can get them in Canada.
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    Channa Barca - 20" +

    Hey Plum Did you purchase the pair oliver had about 2 years ago?
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    Channa Barca - 20" +

    I think Ash David's Barca one is around 30" plus inches.
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    VZ 17" Aimara

    sorry location is in toronto
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    VZ 17" Aimara

    Hello Everyone I am selling a true VZ Aimara wolffish at 17" for $1,000ea. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
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    Itaituba 5 months ago and now.

    wow that P14 is looking really good. Those pictures make me want to get back into fish.
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    Widebar Datnoids - Order 2 - DOA!!!

    wow that is rough. Damn airlines at times
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    Guess the fish

    Hey Chen Congrats man. Lince Cats are such cool catfish. I had one about 3 years ago. They are active and impressive animals. Enjoy Marcus
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    Polypterus - Birchirs!

    Hey I would be internest in the bichir bichir
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    Geryi. Violet line pirahna

    Hey rudy Congrats. Enjoy the geryi. One of my favourite piranhas.
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    wtb Violet Line (Geryi) Piranha

    Hey Rudy They are difficult to get. Best is to ask Oliver about bring more in. They arent cheap. A very cool piranha. Makes me wish i didnt sell mine.
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    Looking for PNT in Toronto smaller size

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a PNT in Toronto. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any for sale. Thanks
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    many baby pnts for sale recently in GTA kijiji

    Hey Ken There is a guy selling two 3inch for $300 ea on