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    Fall orders - Super Reds and Golds!

    is this the panda order?
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    Gold Head Order

    Wow i like the 24k goldheads you brought in. when is next time you are bringing in more Theo?
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    New 140ish tank

    No i didnt. Still have it, Some were intrested but no shows. So now im keeping it.. Im going to get a highback and maybe a stingray pair. still a lot of thinking of what im going to stock it with.
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    New 140ish tank

    Hey Mitch, The stand looks great. Would like to see pictures of when its done! What are you planning to stock it with?
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    Aro's eaten a suction cup

    whoa .. thats crazy. "no fricken way is that coming out the butt! LOL... " LOL
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    March Contest!!! By Exotic Aquaria

    can i get number 10....
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    Aro Pairing?

    Wow, Amazing!
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    Some photos of the Dreamfish landing

    Yeah lol i was kinda worried didnt know what to feed my aro but hes even coming to my hand while im hold small piece of shrimp and eating from my hand :D
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    Some photos of the Dreamfish landing

    Thanks Theo! love The Redtail emerald you brought for me, It's doing real good and loving its new home and already eating chopped up market prawns ! :D Heres a Video with other fish living with it !