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    Golden eyes pearl ray, Taiwan breed

    Taiwan breed three types of albino pearl, 1, false red eyes 2. True red eyes 3. Golden eyes this pair is the golden eyes pair, right now is getting 8”. I was going to sell, but decided to keep them for breeding, because they have great appetite, I feed them three times a day with chopped smelt.
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    6-7” PNT for sale

    I have several offer but all asked from Vancouver. I will see if there is any local buyer.
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    6-7” PNT for sale

    6-7” is the shell size, plus head and tail, he would be around 9”. Very healthy, being in Canada for 4years, feed with floating and sinking pellet, algae wafer. No injury. $1350 markham, Ontario. You can email me at [email protected] Howard
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    Post your hybrid pictures

    They are P13 BD with P14, photos took a month ago, the date they borned
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    Chili red for sale, New tecumseth

    A very beautiful red aro, well raised, definitely going to keep it for life. It better fish to see it in person.
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    Proven breeding male leo 20" $1100

    Eats sinking pellets
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    High grade BD leo female 7" $900

    $800 final price
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    out of hobby sale

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    F2 BD pups born on May 26,2014.

    The smallest one with internal bleeding didn't make it, poor pups. I hate to see them died.
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    F2 BD pups born on May 26,2014.

    I will have to find a shipping broker with reason cost.