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  1. jackson


    EDIT— my bad that was a typo was asking that price for both but they’re sold now might let a couple more go eventually lol
  2. jackson


    How rare can they be these days? There’s guys with albinos in the hundreds Can get these easier than turtles that are in no way rare Canada has stupid laws regarding turtles in general
  3. jackson

    FRT for sale 9cm

    Sold Please close
  4. jackson

    FRT for sale 9cm

    Two very healthy Eat pellets and some fruit No fungus all nails are intact 9cm $400 Located in Toronto No shipping Cash only
  5. jackson

    Suggestions for improving this site?

    I like the site a lot. I mostly read now since I no longer keep datnoids or any other large fish. Just earth eaters and plecos The members here gave some nice rays and I know this site is the lace to ask questions if u ever decide to become a ray keeper. I don't really see any issues with...
  6. jackson

    Goldy pleco l-14 10" for sale

    Please close
  7. jackson

    Goldy pleco l-14 10" for sale

    Price drop $180 10" Goldie pleco Size is accurate
  8. jackson

    Goldy pleco l-14 10" for sale

    Price drop $190
  9. jackson

    Goldy pleco l-14 10" for sale

    Bump Price drop $200 firm
  10. jackson

    Goldy pleco l-14 10" for sale

    For sale one big Goldie pleco L -14 10". Very healthy and active. It's a great looking pleco. Asking $225 Pick up only or meet close in my area Located in north york PM if interested
  11. jackson

    Botia Elongata - Imperial Flower Loach - SOLD!!!

    That price is the best I've ever seen GLWTS!
  12. jackson

    FS: Flagtail & Huge L-27 Royal pleco

    L27a Nice size Glwts
  13. jackson

    2" Pig Nose Turtles - $250

    I know he gets them all the time. He sold two to a guy I talked with said he had to nurse them back to health. This was about two moths ago. Guys who sells them is Bob something. Still a good price if you know how to take care of them. Not easy to nurse back to health when that young.
  14. jackson

    Smaller size UARU FERNANDEZYEPEZI ... (video clip)

    Are there any left? They look great
  15. jackson

    Nile perch 6"-7"

    SOLD Please close
  16. jackson

    Nile perch 6"-7"

    On hold
  17. jackson

    Uaru Fernandezyepezi (Very Rare)

    How big are they for that price? 7"+
  18. jackson

    Nile perch 6"-7"

    They are but they are way more active and seem to want eat every two seconds LOL
  19. jackson

    Nile perch 6"-7"

    Price drop to $115 fish is very healthy Will post pics in the morning
  20. jackson

    Funny food for an arrowana?

    I had a few dats that used to love them as well. Very good for any fish.