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  1. arapaimag

    Massive Arapaima in a 1800gallon

    Where did he get the large plastic plants?
  2. arapaimag

    AUL Australian lungs

    Are the lungfish still alive? How big were they in the 2013 pics and how big are they now?
  3. arapaimag

    Best Foods for Growing Aros?

    Beside the foods mentioned My aro's also eat mackerel, lake trout, cichlids and Martin's Koi and Trout pellets.
  4. arapaimag

    New Tank Setup

    Great thread.
  5. arapaimag

    New Tank Setup

    Great thread.
  6. arapaimag

    Platinum red tail catfish in GTA

    Only keep my 3 rtc (36" to 45") with a silver and rtg aro. Never had a problem with the rtc going after my aro's yet. I have rays and a 27" tig but not with my rtc.
  7. arapaimag

    new tigrinus catfish

    Great fish and super tankmates
  8. arapaimag

    RTG and friends pix

    Really fantastic photos and your fish are awesome.
  9. arapaimag

    frontosa with arowana???

    I find in my big tank it's no problem. My RTG seldom goes 2 feet below the surface and the frontosa's (a few dozen) never come within 5 feet of the surface. I've never tried it in shallow tanks because frontosa are a deep water fish. Several of the adult frontosa in the tank are rescues from...
  10. arapaimag

    What do you keep with your aro?

    I keep aro's in both of my big tanks. I give a list of the fish in my 52k in which I have a RTG (24") and a silver(30"+-). To see some of the fish in the tank with them watch the short videos (2 minutes) in my signature. number in tank genus-species description 1 Zungaro zungaro...
  11. arapaimag

    11 inch widebar tiger

    Very nice fish. Few hobbyists actually quarantine their new fish. Any pictures in his intended tank?
  12. arapaimag

    Just a few Pic's of my fish....

    Very nice !!!!!! A nice combination without crowding.
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    It failed to get passed in the US last week. Watch out PETA might try it here...............
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    Any pictures yet?????? Just a note: The fish was reclassified and renamed a few years ago and is now named Brachyplatystoma tigrinum (was Merodontus tigrinus) common name: king tiger Any old books will have a different fish listed under that name. Planetcatfish are up to date on this fish...
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    really nice fish and pictures
  16. arapaimag

    peacock bass

    Sorry for the delay. My cichla was about 18" when he started fighting with the RTG.
  17. arapaimag

    New Tiger

    Very nice ray.
  18. arapaimag

    My new tank is being delivered by crane!

    Have you got your tank up and running yet? I have a couple of tanks similar to yours (size wise) and have never had any floor concrete problems. I use 4x4 and 2x6 frames for them. I have a couple of 225's underneath the 540 and like I said no problems. A 500 has a similar stand I built and no...
  19. arapaimag

    A new Aquarium store opening soon in Toronto

    I will make a trip to TO in the next week. Are there any other stores you would recommend visiting in the area of DK?