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  1. Max Power

    My new Panda blue X-back

    An amazing fish, you must be pleased.
  2. Max Power

    How is the weather in your parts?

    There were people cross country skiing on Yonge and Bloor :D
  3. Max Power

    Update of my RTG

    What a great looking fish, it looks like it's in perfect shape.
  4. Max Power

    Aro-Discus Tank

    That is truly an amazing tank. People either think that discus or arowanas are the kings of FW tanks... there's no doubt that you're tank is full of royalty!
  5. Max Power

    700 gallon Aro-Discus Tank

    That is truly an amazing tank. People either think that discus or arowanas are the kings of FW tanks... there's no doubt that you're tank is full of royalty!
  6. Max Power

    What are the going prices for arowana in Canada?

    In Nova Scotia you lucky to find a silver, and it would cost you about 80$!
  7. Max Power

    Color Enhancing Foods

    Sorry Alx, looks like I completely misunderstood your question.
  8. Max Power

    So what are the cheaper Arowanas you see at the LFS?

    I'm guessing you mean the silver arowana? Those are from the amazon, so the arn't asian... but I still think they're an amazing fish.
  9. Max Power

    Added a Channa bleheri to the mix

    Great looking fish, it will look great with your aro. Ninjaturtle, I'm not 100% sure but I think snakeheads are illigal in Ontario... something about them taking over and devistating lakes.
  10. Max Power

    Color Enhancing Foods

    Beefheart is by far the best food for raising juvie discus. The high protein is exactly what discus need at that age to grow as fast as possible. I don't like feeding beefheart to adult discus though because it will shorten their lifespan. Although beefheart is the leanest meat you can get with...
  11. Max Power

    Hi from the middle of Canada (Saskatoon)

    Nice looking tank, I'm a big fan of pigeon bloods too.
  12. Max Power

    From Montreal, Quebec

    Wow you certainly have the filtration taken care of!
  13. Max Power

    Indoor pond

    Those fish look prehistoric! Must be quite the conversation piece when people come over.
  14. Max Power

    "WIN a FREE Asian Arowana Contest" -- Q&A thread --

    This is just great, that's my dream fish! Wouldn't it be amazing if I won my first aro!
  15. Max Power


    I'm really happy a Canadian Aro forum has started. I've always enjoyed the Canadian forums more than the international ones... I think they're just more polite :D. Right now I can't get an arowana because I'll be moving soon, once I move though I'll be buying one in the group order. I've...
  16. Max Power

    Color Enhancing Foods

    I picked up a culture from the breeder who I buy my frogs from. Fruit flies reproduce very easily, once you get one culture you're set. I thought I would also mention the flies are flightless.
  17. Max Power

    Color Enhancing Foods

    I just mashed all my shrimp (and sometimes beefheart) up and added a couple spoons of NatuRose to it. Anasthaxin (NatuRose) is a powder that is similar to spirulina, it's a micro algae grown in Hawaii. I've also used it with my dart frogs, I dusted the fruit flies with it... it will bring...
  18. Max Power

    Color Enhancing Foods

    I was wondering if anyone used color enhancing foods. When I kept discus I made them food with anasthaxin (NatuRose) to bring out the reds... and it did the job well.
  19. Max Power

    Questions from the noob

    keep asking all the noob questions taureandragon76, it means don't have to ask them :). I have lots of experience with discus, but I'm pretty much in the dark when it comes to arowanas. I figure I'll educate myself on this forum so buy the time I buy a aro I'll be confident.
  20. Max Power

    What other hobbies do you guys have?

    Yes that is beautiful, the owner has a great eye for designing vivs. It will be fun when I get the chance to properly plan out my viv when I have a perminent home.