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    BD pups! first litter

    Hey, first of all congratulations !! More and more people have started breeding pups that I have sold, really cool to see. I never sold pure BD pups to Canada untill a few months ago. I think one is an F2 generation BD x BDleo (3/4BD) the other a F1 BDleo. I would need to see pics from...
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    Recent batches of pups

    Thanks guys. The first two pictures are Henleis. Bret the pleasure was all mine, you were great to do buisness with, honest no nonsense and very well organized. I hope you are doing well with your work, but still have enough time to enjoy your aquariums and fish, i really love the last...
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    Welcome to Mark Huveneers

    Thanks all, i just added the first threads to my subforum. More will follow.
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    Recent batches of pups

    Here are some pictures of my pups that were born recently.
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    Welcome all to my section on the Forum! I am a stingraybreeder from the Netherlands specialized in high end stingrays for myself and all you fanatics out there. In my subforum I will be posting info, pics and movies of my personal collection, my pups and the stingrays that are up for sale...
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    A little poison for the canadian kilted yaksmen

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Potamotrygon Boesemani

    Joey could you send your phonenumber to i[email protected], so I can give you a call. Greetings Mark
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    Potamotrygon Boesemani

    Joey, could you ship it to the Netherlands? Maybe Bret could help, I would need to talk to him about it first though.
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    F1 P13

    Those look great!!! Good BD just make such an impression. Alost unnatural, crazy black and white ufo's.
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    pls rate these P14

    A and D
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    What happened to the LEO

    Hi, I really like this subject because it is something i have thought about alot in the past. This is what I think about p13. Buying a ray First thing to do is judge a fish by it's looks not by its fancy names. But the fancy name could be an indicator of the development in a later...
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    AAA Marble Motoro

    Hi, I also think this is a very nice marbled, nice big spots, clear base. The problem with marbleds is most of them go ugly when they are mature. This is why I think it is misleading to grade young marbleds as AAA quality without knowing the direct heritage and even this is no guarantee. If it...
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    Leo finnally had her pups!

    Hey, well done there! Pups are looking great. Good size litter aswell for the first time.
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    Henlei, bdleo, and bd update

    Here is a picture of the bd for your collection of when it was still a pup. Glad it got a good home.
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    kinda worried about rays loss of appetite

    Hey, hope the prazi treatment is working. It was the right thing to do. It is important to keep rays and other fish in a stable environment, only add new fish after weeks of quarantaine and treatment. This is were it often goes wrong.... too much enthousiasm too many fish too fast etc...
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    xingu update

    Old pic i shot a few years ago.
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    Flower Ray update

    That Flower is sick man!!!
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    Took some pics while I was moving my Stingray.

    Nice marbled you got there! Still one of my alltime favorites.
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    How to get pups to eat.

    Get it fat and healthy, when it it 100% keep it with one ray that eats everything. Usually it will pick up on other foods then.
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    Updates on my rays

    The rays look nice and active, that marbled with the big claspers doing the female yet, or just getting aquainted?