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    Hi Sam,I'm in Ciar Lake Sask. till mid Dec. has plenty of pics. Mine are mint...

    Hi Sam,I'm in Ciar Lake Sask. till mid Dec. has plenty of pics. Mine are mint w/lots of care taken to raise them. Also ask Vince who is on this site he has bought 70 of my babies already! Gavin
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    LF: axolotl

    Only gold Vince ,cleaned me out! I only have Gold Albino juvies left! Thanks Vince Gavin Hunters Aquaculture
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    My 300 gal Discus Tank

    Very Nice Great tank! Gavin
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    My Discus has cloudy eyes

    Frozen thawed once I've noticed my Axolotls have a reaction to day old thawed blood worms. No more of that practice. Hunters Aquaculture
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    LF: axolotl

    Golden Albino Axolotls $45.00ea 10/$20.00ea 11-24/$16.00ea 25-75/$12.00ea 76-200/$9.00ea Gavin
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    Welcome to April's Aquarium

    Goldfish Hi April,I just contacted "The Fish Sempai' here in Ontario. Looking for a handfull of nice Telescope type. I'm trying not to deviate from my Axolotl hatchery but...damn I want a nice Red Aro and set up! Luck and timing,eh! Gavin
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    LF: axolotl

    Breeding I have all color morphs! 43 adults and about 200juvies. Gavin Hunter.Omemee,On
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    Crayfish as Food?

    wild caught I was thinking of marble crayfish on a large colony level. At least then you would know where they came from.I personally,would feed wc crayfish.
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    What size tank? Thanks for that,video! I've just started a colony of marble crayfish,Arowannas would love them! Gavin
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    Comment by 'Gavin Hunter' in media 'DR230 3'

    The discus,behind the blue diamond.Would that be Archers Butterfly(top and bottom)? Gavin Hunter
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    Hello, Everyone! Just checking out the inventory! Will be starting a store by the end of the year.My hobby has become that large,that expensive.Happy 2011 to the club.Gavin Hunter