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    The original source of all Super Reds - Pontianak, West Kalimantan

    Love your posts, that's some beautiful spoon heads. Any of those heading to Canada?
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    First Dreamfish

    Coming along nice
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    Very nice
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    Who remembers Kings Aquarium in Scarborough ?

    Welcome to a place where we can all understand each other's illness.... Haha
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    CT update

    Beauty, ST start eating again?
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    Grand Tour of Canada

    Haha enjoy western canada it's awfully beautiful. Yes we are a little colder than average right now, but it will warm up. Enjoy our country
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    My mid sized Red from Aro Kingdom

    Love the spoon head love the fins. That's a great red
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    Can I use this tile in my tank? It's a white travertine. Will it affect my ph much? Has it been sealed or filled? If so can I still use it?
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    Arowana Collectibles

    Nice but no barbels!
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    Post your best aquarium photo here!

    Okay that's it. Everyone else give up haha is there a 3rd place trophy?
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    Got a question

    Using crickets that are gut loaded with the pellets u intend to use is a good idea. Maybe some of the pellet taste will transfer to the cricket. I would not worry about it not eating, sure it would be awesome if it ate a pellet today. But I wouldn't worry untill u seen 2 weeks with no interest...
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    Got a question

    There are a lot more people with a lot more experience than me on here. Maybe one of them will chime in. Getting into asian aros can be nerve racking!
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    Got a question

    Yeah I would stay away from night crawlers. At Least for now. Hungry, healthy aro will eat pellets eventually In my experience. If you really want it eating pellets just don't feed it anything for now. Offer a pellet 24 to 36 hrs after getting it home. Try every few hours. Remove uneaten food...
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    Got a question

    I would give him some time before I would start worrying. What was spencer feeding it?
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    Hi just introducing my self new to forum

    Welcome to the site! Post a picture!
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    Post-CNY Sales at DFI Farm

    Any idea what brings on this unique scale formation? What sort of percentage does this happen to? Again great pics, love the many updates from you!
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    I thought I read about the same thing happening to someone else a few years back. That being said I can not find any more info on it. Glad you are alright. Is there a scale of stingray venom, what I mean is one type more toxic vs another?
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    Interesting read and chart

    Good read, short blog post.
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    Smaller Arowana

    I would say no on the arowana in that tank size. Arowanas grow long and grow fast. They will quickly outgrow a 90 gallon. I use a 75 gallon for a single arowana when it arrives at 6 to 8 inches. It is moved into a 24 inch wide tank within a month or so. Usually my 5x2. And than from there it...