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    WTB Arowana submersible tanning lights

    Hello, I want to start tanning my chille/red aro and would like to buy four underwater tanning lights. I am in Edmonton, Alberta Thanks
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    WTB Super/Chille Red Arowana (Alberta)

    Hello, I'm interested in buying a Super/Chille Red Aro. over 12 inches and intense red color. I am in Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks
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    Hello, I am selling my 3 year old 24K Golden Head Cross Back Arowana. He/She eats shrimp, worms, quarantine goldfish (seldom) and floating sticks. I have had him for two years and he is very calm and an elegant swimmer. I paid $1,500 for him two years ago and am asking $1,200 for him now...
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    Finally I'm here, LOL

    Hello, I read you had some cyber attacks, I assuming that's why it took me a week to be allowed to be signed on, glad that's over! My name is Ivan and I now have three aro's all purchased this year. 1) Diablo Red-24 inches from Pang long 2) 24K Golden Head Cross Back-18 inches from...