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  1. Kyuss

    Galaxy Pups

    Momma galaxy gave birth yesterday....3 males....2 pregnancies and all pregnancy females?
  2. Kyuss

    Bd/Galaxy Stingrays for sale

    Livestock: 3 p13’s(Black Diamond) stingrays. Also 3 p14’s(Galaxy)Stingrays. 2 of which are breeding All purchased and imported with Dragonfish from CV Maju in Singapore Male Galaxy- Status- Breeding 31/2 years old Approximately 14-15 inches Price $1,200 Female Galaxy- Status- Pregnant...
  3. Kyuss

    500 gallon tank/filtration/stingrays

    500 gallon drilled acrylic tank and stand -6 years old Measuring -8ftx2ftx25inches Aquascape aqua force 5,284 gph- 2 years old 1000 watt True temp titanium heater- 6 months old 5 stage water purification Wave maker-3 years old Fountain systems air pump 3,965c.i/min - 2 years old...
  4. Kyuss

    P14 Galaxy stingray male pup

    750.00....o.b.o for high quality male p14 pup born June 30, 2017.... born at 4 3/4 inches wide....super healthy....eating worms and prawns.....Parents were imported from cv maju in Singapore through Dreamfish imports(Theo)....parents are in the 3 last photos...
  5. Kyuss

    Good Read For New Stingray Owners
  6. Kyuss

    Pair of galalixes

    Just got my order from maju a couple of weeks ago. All is well. Can't wait till they get bigger
  7. Kyuss

    Caught a Beast

    Went salmon fishing about a week or so ago and caught this 47lb spring. Was the biggest for me in 8 years. My nephew(mr.ry) drove the boat for about a 40 min fight. Finally landed it with one barbless hook left in it's mouth. I'm 6"4 and as you can see this fish was long and wide. God I...
  8. Kyuss

    First Motoro Question-

    Hi...My family is buying me my first stingray(motoro) for christmas...Yeah:D. I'm just concerned in feeding him that i have a prestige premium red from dreamfish, and 5 silver dollars(pigs), and 5 other smaller chiclids(also pigs),and a 4-5 inch loach....just feel that it might be a challenge...
  9. Kyuss

    First Dreamfish

    My first prestige premium red from Dreamfish. Just got him about 3 hours ago.
  10. Kyuss

    How's it going "eh"

    Hi to this site....from kelowna b.c......I am a somewhat new to arowana keeping, had a silver and was sold on the species....after having oscars and several cichlids over the years, and after the recent passing of my 15 year old jack Dempsey :( I now have a prestige premium red from...