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    my new 24K Supreme XBack Golden from Panda Farm

    Hey Guys, I couldnt resist this little guy. His body structure and fins are perfect and he is from Panda. ( I still cant figue out why most of my pics upload sideways, sorry)
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    my Super Red

    here is my Super Red Sorry if the picture is sideways for some reason all my attachments have been loading sideways
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    Thanks for the Add

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for the Add, I was added a little while ago but have been too busy to post. I have kept many Asian Aro's and other Aro's in the past, I used to buy them as babies and sell them around the 16-17" mark and then sell and use some of the money to buy the next one. I started...
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    How Do I Order From Robin Farm ?

    Hey Guys, I currently have a beautiful Super Red that I actually purchased from a member on here and I love it. But I have been fascinated at the quality of the Red Aro's that are offered from the Robin Farm, the quality of their fish blows my mind and i would love to order one from them...
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    how do I order from you

    Hello, I am very interested in ordering a red form you guys. i would like a price list if possible. thanks