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  1. carcrazy

    One of my large pbass died

    I discovered the largest of my pbass upside down and looking beat-up this morning. He didn't make it, I guess he must have gotten into a fight and lost. I have had him for about 7 years and he must have been about 5 when I bought him as he was already large. I measured him at 19" from nose to...
  2. carcrazy

    My red and gold aro

    It has been a while since I posted any pictures of my aros so I thought I would try out the new school camera. It seems to take clearer pictures than the other old digital camera but my skills are still lacking. Here are my Merlion bb gold xb and Dinamika Kapuas dynamic red. The xb is...
  3. carcrazy

    my aro bit me!

    I have been trying to switch my dynamic red aro back to mp after feeding sw for a while. He hasn't eaten for almost a week, though he did take a small piece of shrimp yesterday. However, as I was about to toss a piece of mp in the tank today, he came up out of the water a couple of inches...
  4. carcrazy

    a pic of my dynamic red

    I still haven't gotten a hold of a camera to take a pic of my new xb so I thought I'd at least post a more updated pic of my dynamic red. She is showing a tiny bit more red (orange really) on the edge of her scales but she is still paler than I would like. At least she is healthy and eating...
  5. carcrazy

    Can't Decide

    I have been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a Merlion Royal Gold Premium Crossback Arowana. She is a beautiful fish with shine up quite high already on a 6" fish. The only thing holding me back is the price - $2500. Is this a reasonable price or am I just crazy?
  6. carcrazy

    International Aperature Awards 2009

    Here is a photography contest for all you shutter bugs out there. I have seen some really great photos on here and you guys should enter this online contest. I think it has a $23,000 first prize for the amateur section and costs $9 per picture to enter. You never know...
  7. carcrazy

    3 more motoro

    I stayed home from work today with a bad cold and when the lights in the tank went on there were 3 baby rays. Good thing I stayed home. I transferred them to my 130g grow out tank with the other five and did a 50% water change. The water was very cloudy - they must have been born very...
  8. carcrazy

    albino super red

    I just ran across this picture of an albino super red that reportedly cost someone $22,000! A nice fish but a little bit out of my league:rolleyes:
  9. carcrazy

    silver sides and aros

    My dynamic red has a great apatite and seems to eat a variety of foods. Lately he has grown to really love silver sides, eating 4 or 5 at a time (he's only about 10"). I don't feed him past where he has a full belly but his hunger doesn't seem to be slowing down. He still eats shrimp, pellets...
  10. carcrazy

    my new pbass

    Here are a couple of pictures of my new 12" pbass. And yeah, I know the pics suck.
  11. carcrazy

    my new IT

    Here is a hurting picture of my 10" IT.
  12. carcrazy

    A pic of my dynamic red

    Not the best picture but at least you can see a little bit of him (I really do need a new camera).
  13. carcrazy

    Pbass with arowana

    I was wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences keeping pbass with arowana in the same tank. My two pbass are around 10" and they sometimes fight with each other when the lights first go out (mouth locking and mock biting of sides). They get quite active sometimes circling each other and...
  14. carcrazy

    RTG Died Yesterday

    I found my 12" RTG floating head down in the tank yesterday, dead. I could find no marks on her at all. Maybe she got spooked, hit her head and knocked herself out and drowned. This really sucks, she was my first aro and I will miss her. It's not just the money (losing a $1000 fish), I had...
  15. carcrazy


    I have a couple of T-shirts from (with an aro on it) as well as a couple from Instant Ocean (included in their pail of sea salt). Why not make a T-shirt advertising this site? I would be proud to wear one!
  16. carcrazy

    Amazingly Golden aros

    Check out these aros, they have an amazing shine and gold color right to the top! They truly look like pieces of gold!
  17. carcrazy

    New Green Aro

    I just bought a 5" green aro to sort of complete my aro collection.:D I have a RTG, Super Red and now a Green. I don't have a Xback yet but I ran out of space for big tanks. I have to start saving money for a change anyways (this hobby is way too addictive!).:rolleyes: The green aro went...
  18. carcrazy

    Update of RTG aro

    Here are some lousy updated pictures of my humble aro (but I still love her).:D
  19. carcrazy

    My rays had pups!

    My two motoro rays had 2 baby rays on Wednesday! As I didn't have any black worms for them, I had to drive 100 miles to the LFS after work to buy some (didn't get home till 10:30). That was a long but memorable day!:D I got the first one out into an empty 50g to be safe but the second one I...
  20. carcrazy

    My rays had pups!

    I know this is an arowana forum but my aro shares his tank with two rays and they had 2 baby rays on Wednesday! As I didn't have any black worms for them, I had to drive 100 miles to the LFS after work to buy some (didn't get home till 10:30). That was a long but memorable day! I got the...