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  1. Vandiscus

    40pcs May shipment is coming to Mississauga Aquarium

    Stay tune for 40pcs shipment coming to Mississauga Aquarium from Sing Arowana Pte.
  2. Vandiscus

    Basement Clearout!

    I have quite a few tanks for sale at great prices. Need everything all gone by Saturday. 220 gallon, 10 tanks central system, 2x110 gallon. Thanks
  3. Vandiscus

    High Quality Black Diamond Stingray!

    Pre-order now available. $2800/pair Wholesale price can't be beat anywhere. The fish are from Sing Arowanas Farm. Price also including reshipping to your destination anywhere in Canada. Please contact us if you are interested. Thank you, Vansu
  4. Vandiscus

    September Stock at Mississauga Aquarium

    Our distributor at Mississauga aquarium September stock.
  5. Vandiscus

    Want to own part of a stingray farm?

    Hello Everyone, I have an idea to open a stingray farm in my hometown in Soc Trang, Vietnam. My home town is located in the South of Vietnam where most of the farmers do shrimp farming. To cut the story short, my dad was running a shrimp harchery for over a decade but now it is now being use...
  6. Vandiscus

    Hoang Watabe Discus

    Hello, August Stock available for pre-order: (We can only ship within Canada) 4" body Yellow Melon $95 Red Scarlet $95 Platinum Albino $125 Yellow Albino $125 Yellow Crystal Albino $125 Blue Diamond $95 Blue Turquoise $95 Cobalt Blue $95 4.5" Blue Turquoise $110 Cobalt Blue...
  7. Vandiscus

    August Shipment

    Our Stocklist for August RTG 10 Blood Red 10 Full Helmet Crossback Golden 10
  8. Vandiscus

    Super Rare Albino Arowana available

    Serious buyer only Short body albino crossback Albino crossback Leucitic crossback Thanks, Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  9. Vandiscus

    June discus shipment

    Enjoy Brown (wild crossbreed) Cobalt Blue Golden Crystal Rose Red Scarlet Red Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  10. Vandiscus

    50 pcs Arowanas coming in June

    Our import for a local aquarium shop coming soon in June from Sing Arowanas Pte ltd. Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  11. Vandiscus

    Canada 1st Discus Contest!

    We wil be holding the first discus contest in Canada in partner with Mississauga Aquarium. 100 entries spce available. Please stay tune for more details. Vansu Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  12. Vandiscus

    May Discus Shipment

    Enjoy our pics. Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
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    March 2016 shipment 14 boxes

    148 pcs of high quality discus imported by Van Discus from Hoang Watabe of Vietnam. We have agents from Mississauga(Peel Region): Mississauga Aquarium Toronto: [email protected] M4K 2R3 Mark: Trinidad and Tobago WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW AGENTS IN DIFFERENT CITIES AND PROVINCES IN...
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    We are changing the nature of our business and would like to provide people across Canada to be part of our team to provide quality and affordable discus to hobbyists. Our current agent: Mississauga, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Halifax, Nova Scotia (pending) Trinidad...
  15. Vandiscus

    Lunar New Year Promotion

    $100 off each fish Available 2 Pure Blood Red now $1000 each 2 Full Helmet Crossback Golden $1300 each Size 15-20cm Get any 2 fish for further discounts Certificates from Sing Arowanas Pick up in person in Brampton. Shipping available across Canada. Contact: Vansu 647-463-1648
  16. Vandiscus

    Discus Stock Clearance-Arowana

    All 5"+ are $85 each Golden Raff 7" Red Cover Leopard ring Golden leopard Altum flora 2.5-3.5" $50 each Calico White Butterfly Pure Blood Red $1200 (2 in stock) Full Helmet Crossback Golden $1500 (2 in stock)
  17. Vandiscus

    Arowana Discus Black Diamond Stingray

    In stock: Arowana ( Sing Arowanas Pte ltd, Singpore) come with certificate. Scanner available to verified Full Helmet Crossback Golden $1500 (2) 20-25cm Pure Blood Red $1200(2) 15-20cm Black Diamond (pre-order ) BD $3300/pair BD Leo $2200/pair Microchiped and come with certificate like...
  18. Vandiscus

    220 custom Frameless Glass Aquarium

    I have an extra glass tank order from China for sale. 72x24x30h Eurobraced Predrilled 3/4 hole on bottom panel left and rear panel top right corner Glass covers 1/2" glass thickness Weight 500+lbs (4-6 guys movers ) Still in original shipping crate in my garage Price asking: $1200 Pick up...
  19. Vandiscus

    Hello from Brampton, Ontario

    Been around the forum for years but haven't sign up yet until now :). I am a discus fanatic but my love for Asian Arowanas is equal to discus. I bought a few fish through Theo and I am 5 minutes drive from Chen's house :)