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  1. Cirrus

    Some nice Merlion Dreamfish and Panda Asian arowana coming to Canada :)

    These fish land in Vancouver, BC next week and then go off to homes across Canada:
  2. Cirrus

    Fall 2021 Dreamfish and Panda order

    I have a small order arriving shortly. This is a pre-order only order, not many extra fish available at all. I'll post up a few photos of the arrival. Contact [email protected] if interested.
  3. Cirrus

    New order for summer 2021 - CV Maju Super Reds!

    Order has been processed, funds wired, CITES papers applied for; should be landing in about 4-5 weeks Dragonfish Canada has been importing from the CV Maju farm in Indonesia since 2008. See some old photos from a visit to the farm back then: The...
  4. Cirrus

    OTF Spring 2021 order

    24 fish have been ordered from the OTF Aquarium Farm in Singapore. Payment wired and paperwork underway. These are all AA export grade fish that are coming. HBRTG Blue Base Cross Back Gold Base Cross Back Cross Back Splendour (Tong Yan or Red/Gold hybrid) For details on the farm, check out...
  5. Cirrus

    BEST video on how to feed your Asian arowana

    The following is an excellent video on how to feed your Asian arowana. It covers almost everything:
  6. Cirrus

    Survey article on Asian arowana market Nice survey article. Its interesting that the author chose to reach out to Tris Tanoto, owner of Munjul Prima. It's even more interesting that he was able to get a...
  7. Cirrus

    Dreamfish/Merlion order for January 2021 arrival

    Dreamfish is one of the world's premier Asian arowana farms. Having showrooms in multiple countries and a well established (and trusted) social media presence, they offer some of the best fish available anywhere in the world. See: MERLION DREAMFISH Looking to have the next order land late...
  8. Cirrus

    DIY King's Asian arowana set up

    Worth a look: Joey Mullen aka "DIY King" was a founding member and moderator of this site. Of course he has gone on to great things in the hobby as a bonafide internet aquarium celebrity/influencer. I believe the red arowana in this video is a Merlion Ultimate Blood Red I helped ship to him a...
  9. Cirrus

    New shipment landing shortly

    A large shipment of Asian arowana and high quality stingrays (Black Diamond, special hybrids, etc.) from the OTF farm are landing soon. Contact [email protected]
  10. Cirrus

    Merlion Dreamfish Emerald "Snakeskin" Green

    This fish came in from the Merlion Dreamfish farm at about 9-10 inches in size. It is just starting to develop its "snakeskin" pattern on its gill plates. This fish is really dynamic under different lighting conditions. While preparing for shipping I took a video of it in the holding tank. The...
  11. Cirrus

    Red Tail Giant Gourami

    I just imported 10 red tail giant gourami (Osphronemus laticlavius). I am looking forward to keeping one to grow out. The others I will sell locally. A good description of this fish is found at this link here: In part...
  12. Cirrus

    NGT (New Guinea Datnoid - Datnioides campbelli

    I just took delivery of this fish a few days ago. I was not planning to keep this fish. As the person who ordered this fish changed their mind before it arrived, I have decided to keep it for myself. I am very glad that I made this decision. So far this fish shows great personality in a...
  13. Cirrus

    Summer 2020 orders

    I plan on launching 3 orders at the same time now: Dreamfish/Merlion, OTF, and VFSR. There is something for everyone available here, all price levels and all quality levels. Contact [email protected] for details or phone/text 604-916-155eight
  14. Cirrus

    Merlion Premium Gold XB

    I've had this fish for 6 months. It is developing beautifully. Slightly spoony head, nice pearlies, full crossing starting from rear of fish, nice red tone to tail, perfect barbels. Just a really nice premium fish. :)
  15. Cirrus

    A nice VFSR (blood red)

    The attached photo and the video are of a really nice VFSR I imported about 6 months ago. I sold the fish to a customer I've known for over 10 years. Sadly, the fish recently jumped. I thought I would post about it here since it was such a nice example of a younger VFSR. If the fish had been...
  16. Cirrus

    Off to a new home

    I am slowly parting out the 6 premium and ultimate Merlion cross backs I have here: One of the premium BBXB shipped out today :)
  17. Cirrus

    6 Premium and Ultimate Merlion Crossbacks

    In this mix are two Premium Merlion Gold Crossbacks, two Premium Merlion Bluebase Crossbacks, one Merlion Harmony (Bluebase), and one Merlion Ultimate 24K Gold Crossback. Their size is about 8-9 inches. They are coming along really well.
  18. Cirrus

    Nice OTF Crossback Splendour

    The owner of this fish has done an amazing job raising this fish. It is only about 12-13 inches now. It looks like it will be fantastic as an adult.
  19. Cirrus

    New order for early 2020

    I am working on new orders from multiple farms for arrival in late February 2020. This is your chance to save on pre-order pricing for all ranges of fish. We are arranging imports from OTF, Panda, and Dreamfish/Merlion. Email [email protected] for details or contact by phone/text at...