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    Aquarium makers?

    Hi, Wasn't sure where to post this, so decided here in this space. Was wondering anyone know of any good aquarium makers around the Toronto area? Looking to order something like a 7-8 feet long by 1.5 feet wide by 1.8 tall. Was thinking either starphire on the front, or all acrylic...
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    Hi, Heard good things about you guys from Theo. Was wondering do you aquariums if I live in Toronto? Thanks Brian
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    Back after some time off...

    Hi My name is Brian, and I have been a member for a while, but stopped doing fish for a while...had three hockey...just got too busy. But, back in. I got three Super Reds and three cross backs in a 250 gallon tank with some Stenkler Discus and a large L25 pleco. Will try and...
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    22" Albino Silver Arowana: $700

    Hi No drop eye. About 22". $700 I live in Markham. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    Albino Siliver Arowana

    Hi, I am selling about a 22 inch plus Albino Siliver Arowana. I got this guy from Spencer Jack as a small baby, and in about two years or so he has grown well. He is in perfect condition, no drop eye. Eats pellets. Not scared. I am selling him as I am thinking of changing up my tank for...
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    L27 Pleco Thunder/Xingu Platnium/l25

    Hi, I am looking to sell or trade 5x L27s. 3 are "Thunder" and two are Xingu "Platnium". They are about 3-4". Looking to downsize and cut down on my work a little. Asking $250 for the 5. Also looking to sell a 8" L25 for $150. He is a 5 pointer. Thanks, Brian
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    Aqeon 220g Tank set for sale -$800

    Hi, 220G tank for sale by Aqeon. it is 6ft bt 2ft by approx 2.2ft high. It is in show room condition. comes with matching wood cabinet stand, lids and top end lights (these lights did not come with the set, added in). Price is $800. I paid about $1800 for this set at Big Al's. Tank is...
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    Pang Long X Back Gold and 220G tank set

    Hi, I am selling my Pang Long x back gold I got from Brett a few years ago. About 20-22" long. No defects and no drop eye. Kept always alone so no fin problems/damage. At the same time selling the 220G Aqeon tank he is in. I would say it is in show room condition. No noticable scratches I...
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    l25,l24,l27 and clown loaches

    Hi, selling the following: Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks, Brian
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    L27 royals and hagen tanks

    Hi, Selling 5 L27 royals plecos. 3 are thunders, 2 are xingus. About 3-4". Taken them all for $450. Also, have two 29G hagen tanks. One is a bowfront with a hagen stand. Excellent condition. $100. The other is a regular rectangular tank. Excellent condition. $100. Please email me at...
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    3 Wild Discus. Alenquer

    Hi, I have three wild discus, one is "red" and large. The other two, one is more yellow and the last one is still getting red. I got these at Gold Ocean Aquarium. The big red alone I paid $300 for. All three for $400. My email is [email protected] Thanks, Brian
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    200G bowfront setup for sale

    Hi, Selling an approx 200G bowfront tank (glass) set up. it is 6x about 2 by about 2 feet. It comes with glass tops, lights and stand. The stand on the right hand door needs some paint, but no problems. I would rate the set up as fish room condition. Very heavy. You will need a few guys to...
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    Looking for Black arowana

    Hi, Anyone know of or selling black arowana? Smaller the better. Thanks, Brian
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    l27 Thunder and L25

    Hi, I am selling a 4-5" l25 7 Pointer for $200 I have 4x L27 Thunder for $120. Buy all four for $375. Thats a good deal. These are real "thunder". Thanks, Brian
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    13" L160 Pleco: trade

    Hi, I wish to trade this big nice L160 Pleco. He is about 13". Very rare at this size. Very nice pleco for an aro tank. Interested to trade him for: - Wild Discus ( Especially Red Spotted Green) - Altum Angels - L46 Plecos I have also a 7-8" Albino Adonis, 5-6" L24 and a 7-8" L273...
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    Discus and Aro?

    What is the view on putting discus and arowana together? I have seen people do it and have heard different views. Discus are a pretty sensitive fish and I am not sure if it is great to put them with an aro. I am thinking of trying to do it, maybe with some wild discus.