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    600 gallon stingray tank

    nice setup. what size ultima is that? are you happy with the clarity and is that the only mechanical filtration you are using? B
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    Ideal location for filter outlets in my stingray / arowana tank

    Hi all, I'm currently building a large tank (2900gal) and wondering where would be the ideal location(s) to place my filter outlets (will be set in blockwork). A bottom drain would have been ideal but as I have now decided to put a sand bed on the base, I'm going to have to locate them a...
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    How did you find us?

    was googling filters for stingray tank :)
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    Hello from Australia

    Hi all, New here and hoping to become active ... just need to learn to talk in gallons instead of litres first :) Our largest tank atm is 6*2*2 which I think equates to about 180 gallons but we are currently in the process of building our dream tank of between 10-11,000 litres (or 2900...