Aquarium not perfectly level


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So I finally got around to setting up my 180 and filled it. Noticed that the water level wasn't lining up nicely with the trim and water was flowing into one overflow first before the second one.

Whipped out the level and measuring tape and noticed that the tank/stand is off a tad. Water level difference between left and right is off by about 3/16 to 1/4" left to right. Front to back is level.

Stand is flat based sitting on carpet in my basement. Is this an acceptable variance and should i be concerned??? I attached some pics.

Thank you.

Front Left side tank trim

Front Middle tank trim

Front Right tank trim

Front Left stand trim

Front Middle stand trim

Front Right stand trim

Back Left tank trim

Back Middle stand trim

Back Right stand trim


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Personally, I'd try shimming the tank so that it sits perfectly level. Though unlikely, your tank could be "twisting" and could potentially spring a leak later on; not to mention it would drive me nuts just to look at the uneven tank. Given the small variance, you should be fine, i'm just really anal when it comes down to these things. Best of luck, i'm sure the tank will look awesome!


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Thanks tomuhs. What's the proper way to shim?

Start at the end and work towards the center or vice versa?


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Np. I'm by no means an expert but you did so much work taking the pics...

In the past, I emptied the tank, lifted the side that was uneven and slid a wood shim in between; then hammered it in until it was leveled. Worked from end to end towards the center as per your suggestion :D

Best of luck!


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Do u have any foam? Or insulation under the tank? Should go to home depot and pick up a piece of insulation board and place the insulation under the tank. The foam should distribute the weight equally and level things up.


The tank is not whats causing the issue... its the stand.

Buy some cheap wooden shims, and hammer them under the stand. Shimming is simple... hammer one in, until it levels the tank, then lift the shim up and snap the excess off.

You can even do it with fish in it. Just drain 75% of the water out or so.

Honestly though, its not that bad. In fact, if all sides of the tank are touching the top of the stand, then its actually harmless. Your only going to run into issues with a glass tank when all sides are not touching. That will cause some twisting to the tank and eventually failure will occur.


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Thanks for everyone's reply. I did end up shimming it and it's pretty much dead level, maybe off by 1mm.