lo sai

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do the barbels grow back?
one of the two barbels seems to look funny, silghtly smaller and damaged
is it caused by my water quatliy or was it last week when i saw it smash its face against the glass when trying to catch a SW ?


Depending on the extent of the damage it should grow back fine... water quality could be a factor but most likely injury like you stated


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If the barbels are injured near the root, it might grow out but thinner and less hard. But in your case, since it's "silghtly smaller and damaged", it should grow out fine. That is from my experiences with Silver Aros, I guess it's the same with Asian Aros... Like with every injuries, keep the water perfect with regular water changes and everything should be perfect in a short while.


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It should grow back fine. If you want to grow it back to its perfect form. Try to put your aro in dark area with less water flow. This way it will use its barbel to sense it surrounding or to look for food, instead of using its eyes. The reason why to lessen the water flow is to make the barbel grow back to its "V" shape from. This was base on my experience on keeping aros.

I actually have an experiment before. I kept two asian aros, one with lights on during the night and the other one with no light on during the night. It only get the light during the day time. They both have the same food and the water parameters are also the same. I noticed that the one in the dark area got its barbels thicker than the one with the lights on. A month later I moved the aro in the dark area indoor, due to the cat trying to catch it. Two weeks later the aro in the dark area that I moved indoor, the barbel's thickness shrink and now the same as the other aro that I kept in the light.


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this is true... remove any hard water flow and it should grow back straight. if there is significant flow that affects the positioning of the barbels, then it will not grow back straight...instead, it will be slanted or pointing in another direction. this is from personal experience.