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Updated June 12th, 2012

5 x Unknown Black Pseudacanthicus sp. - WC - 6-8" $750 for the group. Looking to spawn some pseudas that don't get HUGE!? This group has spawned for me once before and produced fry. I simply don't have the time to dedicate to get them going. Great group.

4 x L282/L97 Pseudacanthicus sp. - WC - 6"+ $1000 for the group, looks like both boys ad girls present. Should be almost spawning size. Beautiful big white spots.

3 x L411 Hypancistrus - F1 - 3" - $50 ea - pending

20 x L333 Porto Do Moz - F1 - 2-3.5" - $30-50 ea based on size. Want to put a group of Hypancistrus together for a great price, these guys should be spawning soon as well (the larger ones at least).

6 x LDA05 - F1 - 2-3+" - $50 ea. Nearly all black dark grey hypan with small white spots, one of my faves! Not all that commonly found.

2 or 3 x Corydoras Wotroi - $10 ea

4 x HUGE Angel fish. 2 all black, 1 albino pearl and one silver. $20 for all 4.

2 x Oscars - FREE, one Tiger at like 10" and a nice orange albino at 6"

To order please email [email protected]

Shipping airport to airport in Canada is available via Westjet cargo. Rates I have managed to finally get better and are around $100/box across most of Canada. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs plus heat packs and any other supplies needed. Any PayPal payments are 4% extra to the total invoice.
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