dual filter positions


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Hello all, ive had my Arowana for a few months and im running two filter in my 150 gallon. One is filstar xp 265 gallon capacity, and an eheim filter with 90 gallon capacity. My concern is best place to put inlet and outlet of both filters. Currently I have inlets of both filters on same side but outlet on one filter in middle of tank, while other is at far end. Is this best or should I just run one filter? I honestly added two filters incase of failure while im out at work.


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Its always good to run 2 filters. Placement is up to you. Personally I would put both outputs on the same side and both inputs on the opposite side but if it is working as is then just leave it.


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i agree with RD....also always good to have more filtration then what you perceive it needed....only good for the fish.