Hustlers 300 Revisited...


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Well Im back after a 6 month stint at reefing....
and 3 days after i shut down the tank and sold the live rock and scooped the 4" sandbed..... a 26" super red moved in :) Right back at home now....
I kept the Bio reactor and a few media reactors as well as the 5500GPH inline pump and the auto top off sensor system so she runs like a dream now...
Still went old school with the 6 5gal pails of ceramic rings and 20 gallons of bio balls just to be safe lol.
Also finally picked up my first diablo red and rigged up a 180 gallon to my 300 sump for central water changes :)
Im just gettin warmed up but i thought i would post something on here to show im no longer MIA.





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If you were out here in the oil patch...I mean edmonton.... that doll wouldnt even catch your eye LOL
I always forget she is in there......
The big red is just now coloring up under my reef LEDs, Before my tank he spent a few years with no lights at all so Im hopefull the base i could see when i bought him turns into something deeper :)


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Im happy as a pig in poop with this one.... This is wahsed out with flash and poor lighting and hes only 14" with a flourecent light he is sooooo red and deep based