Imperial - Singapore


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Another "must see" aro farm IMPERIAL; Vincent (owner) had opened shop for a few years at the time of my visit in 2008; in addition to his specialty of reds (imported and farmed), he also had some dynamite BD's in stock. These fish were in very high demand globally a few years ago (for use as breeders) and so I had some fun taking photos for people in other countries of the fish. Many prospective buyers wanted belly shots to see if there were belly spots; alas, could not be done and so I didn't get to do any brokering after all... :rolleyes:

I have about 30 minutes of video for this place. Will edit and upload on Youtube "one of these days".

First photo has from left to right, Eric (owns Shanghai fish store), Mr. Kan of Panda Aquatics, and Vincent of Imperial.