Is there difference in SW or FW tanks?


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Hi, just wondering. In the market for a new tank and see some ads state that it's a saltwater tank. What is the difference if any? Would one be able to use a SW tank to keep an aro? Thanks in advance.


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SW requires a Protein skimmer while FW does not. Also SW tank requires more water flow. But other are generally the same.

If you are looking for a SW set up I have a perfect tank for you 220 gallon made by All Glass, complete set up for cheap used for 1.5 years. Comes with overflow stand and canopoy Asking $ 1,500


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It really depends what kind of SW you want. A fish only or full reef system. IME SW is a bit more to setup but can require less maintanence if done properly.


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I think Cape is just wondering if there's a physical difference between a tank that has been used for SW or FW.

Just be careful of copper treated tanks and try to remove any traces of it.

May take a bit more effort in washing it out but other than that, you should be good to go.


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Yea, DaiDee is correct. Was just wondering the physical differences. So if it was used for saltwater before, as long as I clean it well, shouldn't be a problem for an aro correct? Thanks.