March 2014 Import


Hello all

New shipment coming in last week of march

This time around Montreal Arowana House decided to focus on Red Arowana.
keeping in mind that some of you like to gamble on smaller fish and save considerable money

We offer smaller fish at smaller price
Blood Red size 5-6" 1100$
Chili Red size 5-6" 750$ (blue base)
Classic Super red size 5-6" 750$ (green base)

For the ones of you who do not like to gamble we offer bigger fish already advanced in development. No DE, No PLG, color showing and crossback.

Blood Red size 11-12" 1500$ Very Limited
Chili red size 11-12" 1200$ (blue base)
Classic Super red size 11-12" 1200$ (green base)

The only Gold CrossBack will be Golden Heads. First come first served
GH 90%+ size 8" 2000$ Very limited
GH 50-70% Size 8" 1500$ Limited

Shipping Canada wide 135$
No pre-order discount.
Buy 4 or more fish get 15% discount.

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What would a arowana import without delay. Order has been pushed back to sometime in april. I apologies for the inconvenient.