My Blue full mask Halfmoon Plakat bettas

My 6 blue full mask HMPK bettas. 4 males and 2 females, 3 of the males or metallics and one of them is a royal blue full mask, he is also the brother of the 2 royal blue full mask females. Enjoy.






Quality bettas!

If you don't mind me asking, where did you order these from?
Aquabid, the Thailand breeder that I got these from is called Storybetta. You can search him up on Aquabid, I have been noticing his bettas all have excellent scalage, rays and fins as well as consistent colour. One of the best breeders on the site IMO, I would highly recommend him. The bettas look better in person and its always the exact fish in the photo that you receive. You should check every 2-3 weeks, that's when he auctions off some really high quality ones. I'm going to be breeding these ones from May to the end of August, hopefully that will give the fry enough time to grow to harvesting size. Once the male babies are large enough to be jarred, I'm going to start selling them. I'm considering shipping them once I learn how. You can Visit my YouTube channel: BlueBettaCanada, to see my current breeding pairs.
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Yeah the scales are pretty incredible. I love short tails and those have some of the best shape I've seen

Thanks and good luck with the breeding :)
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Anyone know what tail type this crowntail is? I bought him because he had thicker rays and a larger tail compared to most crowntails with skinny rays. He's a black copper base, that I know but I heard there are 5 types of crowntail types. If anyone can help me, thanks.