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is it possible to get nice clear photos with a cheaper camera?
i just got a Nikon coolpix L110 and was wondering if its possible to get some of the nice pics i see on here with a beginner camera like that.
how would i go about it?
i do have a tripod also...


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The L110 is a decent entry level camera, but it's hogtied when it comes to aquarium photography because it has no manual settings whatsoever.

What I can suggest is trying different scene modes to see if any work for fish. Usually the sports mode is the best choice due to higher shutter speeds. I'd try that one for sure and see if you can use it without the onboard flash. I say without flash due to the reflections off the glass and blowing out the fishes' colours. Sometimes shooting at a slight angle can help to avoid that flash reflection.

Mess around with the ISO setting as well. A higher ISO setting will allow you to shoot your fish without flash but there will be some graininess in your photos. Increasing the light over the tank will also help tremendously.

I wish I could tell you more, but I have no experience with that camera.

A tripod is nice but not much point when it comes to fish, in my experience.


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thanks Gerry im gonna try some pics tonight
i also have a Sony DCS-H9 and it does have manual modes.... any advice with that one?