New Order - Spring/Summer 2018


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I am planning a new order.

I am bringing in both Asian arowana and tank mates on this order.

Here are some videos of both BBXB and Crossback Splendours (Tong Yan) I am bringing in; I've included a couple videos of smaller fish in the mix below, along with a video of a grow out of a Crossback Splendour.

Larger size and adult BBXB from same farm and brooders as smaller fish:

Small BBXB imported a couple weeks ago:

And here is a BBXB from my most recent order referenced in a thread on another forum: and here is a video of it:

Larger Size Tong Yan (Cross Back Splendour)

Feb. 23/18 update:
March 2/18 update:
April 15/18 update:
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I have a customer asking about the difference in price between buying a smaller sized Asian arowana versus a larger one. My response is as follows:

The way Aros work is as they grow they get sorted by the farms or exporters. The bigger the fish, the better you are able to discern the likely ultimate quality of the fish. So a bigger fish for export will likely have been sorted several times already as it has grown. The effort and time put into grooming the fish also adds to its cost.

The larger Asian arowana in the videos come from identical broodstock as the smaller sized fish. Thus, provided you know how to raise/groom an aro well, you can save a lot of money through buying a small one. You may, however, note small imperfections over time as the fish grows larger which could have been avoided if you had bought the fish at a larger size. Or you may be lucky and raise a fish from small size into a show winner. In my opinion buying a smaller sized fish is more fun, and it is certainly less expensive. But if you want a guarantee of quality features, are short of time, or don't mind spending extra money to guarantee quality features, then you may want to buy a larger one.


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This order lands in a few days. I have some BBXB and Tong Yan Asian arowana available.

Here is a customer update of a fish imported in the fall 2017:

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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I've now sold most of these fish, still have a couple left; video made yesterday:

Contact me if interested in getting one.