Sad... FF fly to heaven


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Yesterday morning, while I was gonna start my regular routine of feeding the fish, I realized that my 6" FF was stuck to the filter inlet breathing heavily. I get out a stick to move him out, but to my amazement... HE WAS MISSING HIS LEFT EYE!!! Also, a good area of scales behind the gills were missing too.

I suspect that my 9.5" motoro ray may be the culprit, since I've seen her literally pounce on the FF during feeding time (the thing eats like a pig and doesn't stop... eats everything including algae wafers!) Usually it doesn't cause any concern since the FF would wiggle its way from underneith.
The 180g tank also houses a 15" red aro, 6" NTT, 7" IT, and 5 x 5-6" harmless clown loaches. Could any of the other fish be a threat? I know that from time to time my aro will attack the FF if it gets in the way, but no serious injuries have occurred.

Put the FF in a quarentine tank and dosed 2% salt with 50/50 old and new water. Unfortunately, it eventually died of its injuries this evening. So sad because it had really nice colour and high fin. Here's a pic of when I first picked it up. Less than 3".



sorry to hear that. ffs are nice too. my ff has been with my huge rtg for 2 years now. so far so good lol. any pics of the tank setup and tankmates!?


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yep that was the ray for sure the same thing happened to a FF i had

FF are a very strong fish and can jump higher than a aro but if the rays whole disk can cover a fish the vacuum is to strong for any fish to escape

thats how rays stick to the glass with the vacuum :D


Sorry for the loss man.

T1 FF are def high jumpers! Was moving a small 5" today, had the water level at 3" and it jumped 2' up, would have gone higher if it wasnt for the acrylic ledged around the edge of the tank


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I was quite surprised the first time I saw the FF jump into the air. Thought it wasn't natural... almost hit me in the eye!

Thinking about getting a new one. Maybe around 8-9" but can't find any around.