Sing arowana - Singapore


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This was a fun day. Mr.Kan of Panda Aquatics took me over to Sing (along with Max Koi, Imperial and others), to show me around and make introductions. Derek Goh, the manager of Sing was in China on business, but we had a chat by phone. When Derek used to work for Panda I imported fish from him a number of times, and have chatted with him by phone many times. Funny I never got a chance to meet him in person. Same goes for the other owners of that farm, one of whom is a forum member here. ;)

Keep in mind with these photos that the operation at this point was just gearing up and it was not open to the public yet. Along with Pang Long, Sing would be one of my choice of aro farms to visit if I had a day to spend in Singapore.


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