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Hi guys

Just wondering what you guys think of the water parameters. Im 1/2 a week into cycling my tank and im not sure if im registering any nitrate. Appreciate your help.

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I would not worry about parameters now unless you are in a super hurry to add fish; I'd recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before adding any fish. Are you doing a fishless cycle? If so, an approach that has always worked for me is to throw in a couple whole pieces of market prawn, let sit in the tank for 4-5 days, then remove. Wait a couple days and then you should be able to add fish no problem. It is when you are ready to add fish that you should focus on the water parameters.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I'm going to grab a bottle tonight to see if this thing really works.

Now the big question is: Tetra safestart or stability?

Either way I think i'll let the tank run its course naturally...can't seem to get a definite answer whether bacteria in a bottle actually works.
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