Why handles fish's excrement --from the Chinese pet fish amateur


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hi I come from china ,My English level sort , everybody make do

Ask questions :

these days, looked at this forum several friend's diy fish bowl.

Produce a question: Why handles fish's excrement ?

Fish's excrement all is in the fish jar bottom ,

Excrement every flooding being designed , how to dodging fish's, in the fliteration system that the inner attracts from the jar to the cylinder bottom?

Whether can mount the streams sketch map explanation once?

中文: 鱼的排泄物都在缸底, 各位的设计,怎么能让虹吸溢流,把主体鱼缸内鱼的排泄物吸到缸下面的过滤缸中? 能否上个水流示意图说明一下?


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Sorry , I don't understand what it is you are asking. I would like to help you but your english is broken.


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99% sure poster is using Google translate or some other translator to try to go from Chinese to English. Sounds like he wants schematics for a sump design?