Text to Speech and Speechmax in the Media

Custom voices and voice branding, as well as free text reader that converts text into speech mp3 format, are becoming increasingly popular. Brands all over the world recognize the value of speech recognition combined with distinct, lifelike digital voice identities and AI for voice-first solutions. Advancements in these fundamental technologies are fueling the shift from graphical to speech interfaces. as will make it easier for customers to leave the comfort of the User Experience (UX) and discover the Voice Experience (VX). Many companies are discovering the importance of having a text reader with distinct voice and are using Speechmax bespoke text reader to do it.

The fact that these technologies are now a big topic in the media demonstrates their growing appeal. As the use of voice-first interfaces expands globally, from smart speakers in living rooms to smart assistants on the road wherever customers travel, expect to hear more about them.
Regardless of the languages you speak, the Speechmax team will be happy to demonstrate how world-class companies have utilized our custom voices to differentiate themselves from the competition: a distinct brand voice in a world where everyone sounds the same.

Because their content is spoken by text reader with the ability to convert text to speech download used by a slew of other vendors, it's easy for big businesses that spend a lot of money on unique branding and advertising to sound like every other company in the voice-first world.
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