Dreamfish - Gold Head Order


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I am doing a Dreamfish order now. High end Gold Heads available. I have already reserved the fish. I will upload some video later. :)


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I am going to explain the origin of this order. A few weeks ago I had an old customer of mine ask for a premium Gold Head Crossback with strong dark yellow/24 K gold. There are so many Gold Heads out there that have more of a whitish colouration to their scales, indicating a green/blue base that will not lead to to them looking like "a floating gold bar" when older.

I've attached a copy of the photo my customer provided to this thread.

Nic said he had some nice premium GH cross backs in stock that met my requirements, size 30 cm. He provided me this video:

These fish now form the core of the order. I am building onto the order and will be bringing in a few super reds and maybe some lower cost fish as well.

At this point, I want to take a moment to explain some confusion that has emerged in the marketplace. Recently I experimented with cooperating with a couple guys I have known for a long time - Henming and Andy - on doing a very large import of 100 fish. Most of these were Panda fish and were not premium grade. Andy ended up subcontracting the internet sales to a guy named Jason in Toronto. He then posted adds across the country. Meanwhile, there are others doing imports too, most notably Mississauga Aquarium (which currently imports from Sing arowana, the neighbor to Dreamfish in Singapore), and now another guy on kijiji, who is importing from another farm. Prices asked for their fish are lower than the prices I am asking. The reason for this is that the fish are a different grade and size. Common Panda GH, Sing GH, etc., are not premium fish. I can't emphasize this enough. So if you are looking for a Gold Head Cross Back, be sure you know what you are getting. Also, beware of judging from photos. Photos can be photoshopped to "juice" the color of the fish. Videos are a far safer way to judge the fish.

At the very least you should know about:

gold dust (5-15% amount of gold)
gold threads (15-25% of gold)
gold patches (25-75% gold)
full helmet (75-100% full gold)

Have a look at the GH I have on offer and you will note they are full helmet.

Further, you should know that in order to "set" the gold in the gold head you need to keep your fish in WTT (white tank treatment) until the fish gets much larger, at least 18 inches. Then you have a better chance of the gold head staying. My fish are coming in at 30 cm/12 inches which is much larger than the others being sold online in Canada.

Good luck as you decide which Gold Heads to buy. Research the farms, study the videos of the vendors, and make an educated decision.

If you are interested in getting one of the fish I have coming, contact me at [email protected] and I will provide pricing.

And if you would like to learn more about the Dreamfish farm, and maybe even ask some questions directly to Nic, the owner, check out: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MerLion-Arowana-1433298596969897/posts/?ref=page_internal



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Deposits received. Am wiring money in next few days. I will be bringing in some other less expensive fish as well (Panda super reds, HBRTG). Contact me if interested. Fish should land in about 6 weeks.


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I have asked Nic to get me some video of the Panda super reds that are coming. I should have the video posted here in the next few days.


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I have the permits, am ready to arrange landing date and distribution of the fish.

Looks like I will be posting video of the fish on arrival, though I am still going to ask Nic to provide some videos prior to his shipping out.


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And a couple really great Dreamfish Merlion Ultimate Blood Reds - the highest grade of fish that the farm has!

And a second one:



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And I have already got a couple videos sent to me from customers. First up is a nice Gold Head:

And next up is a nice Dreamfish Merlion 24K:

Got the fish. Its a beauty. Body shape/eyes are great. Even more important, personality is nice. Already starting to eat a bit on the first day in the tank.

Thanks Theo!