Group buy in eastern Canada?

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I came across a group buy advertisement on Kijiji for Asian arowana a month ago:

A quick Google led me to a Facebook site and another ad on our own moderator Joey's site at: http://www.eastcoastaquariumsociety....php?98-Onaga-Aquatics-amp-Killifish-Emporium

I called up the fellow who is setting up the group order and it seems legitimate. He has become a member on this site under the name Onaga Aquatics.

I am pasting a PDF screen shot of the advertisement here for interest sake.

With 28 Asian arowana apparently sold in this deal, this is one of the larger group imports to have been arranged (to my knowledge). It will be interesting to see photos/video of the fish on arrival. I am not familiar with the farm providing the fish. I do know that there are many new farms now and that prices are really coming down for normal quality fish. I would guess some forum members on the site are involved in this order so good luck to all of you. Please post photos and video of the fish when they arrive.


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Theo, I believe the prices are all going down and perhaps its just a matter of time until someone breeds them successfully here in Canada. Nature always finds a way. Chen's Aro's are off to a good start. I believe it is possible to try and breed them in a large pond just how its done in Asia. There are quite a few members on here that own a bunch of Aro's, whose to say that they won't breed if you put them in a large pond, I don't think anyone has tried that. I believe that farms perhaps in Asia fear the fact of someone trying to do this. But I do believe it can be done. Perhaps it won't be the quality of fish though....
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Those are some really low prices for rtg's and highbacks. I was reading on another forum about the growing concern among some farms about the general direction the pricing is headed. There were some deals on there that were just insane, but transport and time must also be kept in mind when determining the total cost.

I guess it is bound to happen with such a low barrier to entry. The reality is that arowana's are similar to other fish and although there are some species that have not been breed in captivity this is not one of them.

The other thing that theo pointed out was that these are great prices for normal quality fish. There will always be a market for top tier fish, and until the quality of these fish are seen no one can really say if it is a good deal or not.


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now there is nothing on kijijij from him and facebook has been taken down i know a buddy that tryed to get some sturgen from him but after weeks of excuses still waiting to get money back from paypal


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i rather go with a sponsor and pay a bit more to ensure i get my fish than a random person on the net without any feedback. saving a few bucks could mean you get totally scammed and not get your fish lol
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