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Hi everyone,

I'm a newly registered user here. I've been reading a few posts and have found this site to be really useful with lots of info from experienced folks so I decided to join. I've been keeping arowana for 20+ years but never had an asian....I've only had a silver, then upgraded to a jardini, and now have a leucistic/albino (I don't even know).

I'm keeping an eye out for an asian next...a red or good quality gold. :)


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Welcome to the site. Hopefully we can get more people posting again as I know that a lot of people monitor the site, but don't post much these days. Put it down to the "Facebook effect" I guess. :)

Where in Canada are you located?


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Thanks. I suspect people will post more if they have questions or if they have good input to provide on a particular topic.

I'm in the GTA.