Summer 2024 Merlion and Panda Order


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After spending some time in Costa Rica I am returning to Vancouver in May 2024 and will be overseeing this summer 2024 order. The fish available in this order are:

2024 MerLion Aro Availability List

MerLion Royal Series

1. MerLion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
2. MerLion Royal Ultimate 24K
3. MerLion Royal Ultimate Sky Blue
4. MerLion Royal Ultimate Blue Jade
5. MerLion Royal Premium (blue or gold base)

MerLion Harmony Series

1. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamRed
2. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamBlue
3. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamGold
4. Merlion Harmony Ultimate Blue Base
5. MerLion Harmony Ultimate Gold Base
6. MerLion Harmony
7. MerLion Harmony Jade
8. MerLion Harmony Viper

MerLion Red Series

1. MerLion Red Ultimate – Chili
2. MerLion Red Ultimate – Blood
3. MerLion Red Ultimate

MerLion Emerald Series

MerLion Emerald SnakeSkin

Merlion Classic

1. MerLion Gold Classic (RTG)
2. MerLion Gold Classic High back (HBRTG)
  • Note fish from the Panda farm are available for import as well, including the Panda Gold and Panda Gold Supreme
Please communicate by email at [email protected] or by Whatsapp at +1 (604) 916-1558

A reminder it is illegal to ship or sell to the USA
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A few photos of the Dreamfish Operation in Sabah, Malaysia:


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A few photos of the current stock on hand at the Dreamfish farm in Sabah; from left to right,
24K Ultimate, Harmony Red, 24K Ultimate, small size 24K Ultimate


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Deposits being collected and receipts issued now...

Don't delay. There will not be many (any?) extra fish coming in on this order. Reserve yours today! :)