arowana for sale

  1. G

    New Arowana Shipment

    NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED! High Quality Blue Cross Back Cold and Golden Cross Back Gold Special for $1680 each We also have many Red Arowanas $1280 and High Back Arowanas $599 and RTG Arowana $399...
  2. G

    New Arowana Videos!

    NEW AROWANA VIDEOS! GREAT QUALITY AND PRICES! ALL FROM SINGAPORE! AMAZING PRICES! Red Tail Golden $399 High Back Gold $550 Golden Cross Back Gold $1680 Millennium Red $1280
  3. bcarlos

    For Sale: 12 inch Maju BBXB Arowana

    An excellent opportunity to grab one of the larger Maju BBXB's that I've seen to date. Here's a video shot yesterday morning - YouTube - Flyfish Import & Export - CV Maju Blue Base Cross Back Arowana This fish is exhibiting excellent colouration and is eating SW and occasional MP. It...